Learn to use the universal energies for your benefits.Believe in yourself, believe in your abilities, believe in your goals and dreams.

Meditation can be an all round healing remedy for soul, mind and body, as well as for relationships, situations and awareness. The CenturySchool meditations are based on the 7 Huna principles and neo-shamanic wisdom merged with the specific school subject of your choice. Combine ancient knowledge with our modern life and get best results with CenturySchool meditations.

Be master of yourself. Make the world as you like it. Easiness, joy and success will come into your life with holistical thinking and know-how. More about this on YouTube.....

Try which position is comfortable for you when meditating. You can lie down, sit down keep your feet on the ground, or you can meditate whilst travelling. Important is that you are relaxed and that your breath can flow easily. If you are able to ignore all disturbances from outside then you are a real master of meditation. Practise 12 minutes each day – this will fit into every schedule.

Brain synchronisation

Try the brain synchronisation on my YouTube channel: CenturySchool.eu

The CenturySchool meditations are little shamanic journeys which lead into within, giving deep inner peace and relaxation supporting and activating the abilities of the chosen school subject.

Morphic Fields

The British scientist Rupert Sheldrake has coined this term, also referred to as morphogenetic fields. Simplified: These are fields of memory inherent in nature and natural systems, such as ant colonies, or pigeons, or plants, or cell molecules, inherit a collective memory from all previous things of their kind.

If you want to know more about this. Have a look, here!.

Music that CenturySchool recommends

Lex van Someren Those people who have once experienced a concert with Lex van Someren, know that this Sound Artist has a talent to embody the dimensions of the soul in his music and performance art. His singing and chanting are like a poetic language of the heart and the soul, which touch a profound space within.